AP.Bren grabs 2nd win with rout of ONIC PH

Photo from MPL Philippines

by Drew Malihan

MAKATI - AP.Bren recaptures their momentum as they trample winless ONIC Philippines to open Week 2 of MPL Philippines Season 12 on Friday, 2-0.

No changes were made by AP.Bren, despite losing 2-1 last Sunday against RSG Philippines, while ONIC PH brought Mark Genzon "Kramm" Rusiana and Jomearie "Escalera" Delos Santos back in place of Jem "Jem" Lanojan and Frince "Super Frince" Ramirez, who battled ECHO in a losing effort last week.

The IESF champions dominated ONIC in the first game with a 16-4 outing in 17 minutes, with Dean Christian "Raizen" Sumagui's Martis having a hard time against Kyle "KyleTzy" Sayson's Baxia in the farming department, while the mobility of the rest of AP.Bren outlasting ONIC's rather durable lineup of Khufra, Terizla, and Faramis.

However, it was Marco "Super Marco" Requitiano's Claude who was hailed the Game MVP with seven kills and five assists, as he avoided potential deaths with his tank emblem with tenacity aside from clutch BMIs.

AP.Bren continued their dominance in the second game as they mauled ONIC PH with a 13-2 outing, with KyleTzy's Baxia securing the MVP nod with a 1/0/10 KDA.

The Hive controlled the map from the start, not letting ONIC get their hands in any neutral objective, as well as disabling Kramm's Terizla from having any significant sets, thanks to David "FlapTzy" Canon's Paquito winning the laning phase.

AP.Bren will next challenge Minana EVOS on Sunday, while ONIC Philippines will try to get their first win against Blacklist International on Saturday.

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