Blacklist shows dominant side with win vs. RSG PH

Photo from Moonton

by Drew Malihan

MAKATI - Blacklist International put their season debut behind their backs as they put up a 2-0 masterclass against RSG Philippines to grab their first MPL Philippines Season 12 win on Saturday.

No changes were made by two teams, keeping their starting five, with RSG PH getting a 2-1 win against ONIC Philippines, while Blacklist came from a 0-2 defeat against reigning champions ECHO.

RSG drafted a more early to mid lineup with John Darry "Irrad" Abarquez forced to get the Hayabusa after Blacklist International targeted him with an all-assassin ban, while the Agents drafted a long-range trio of Lesley for Kiel "Oheb" Soriano, Novaria roam for Renejay "Renejay" Barcase, and a Gord in the mid lane for Salic "Hadji" Imam.

The Raiders started the game strong up until the seventh minute  with Nathanael "Nathzz" Estrologo falling down to the long range heroes that turned the tables for Blacklist International.

From there, it was all Blacklist International as RSG Philippines cannot find a comfortable pick for the next 12 minutes and the former capitalizing with crucial pickoffs to Dylan 'Light" Catipon and keeping Eman "EMANN" Sangco on the bay.

Oheb was named the Game 1 MVP with five kills and seven assists to his name, while Renejay's Novaria scored two kills and eight assists.

It was all Blacklist in the second game now with Hadji's hands on  the Novaria and Oheb getting the coveted Bruno pick that gave the Raiders a very hard time, not getting any kills up until the 17th minute during the Agents' attempt for a base push.

The Agents' made sure that Irrad and Arvie "Aqua" Antonio won't overturn their final push as they called GG three minutes later, 10 kills to two, with Stephen Jasper "Sensui" Castillo's Baxia getting the MVP nod with 10 assists to his name and only falling twice.

Blacklist International will next face Smart Omega, while RSG Philippines will try to get back on track against AP.Bren Esports, both on Sunday.

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