'Comeback kings' GameLab sneaks past RSG Mistah

Photo from GameLab

by Drew Malihan

MANILA - GameLab proves that they are the MLBB Developmental League - Philippines (MDL-PH) comeback kings as they crawl from a 0-1 deficit and win against a struggling RSG Mistah side on Wednesday.

The last season's runners-up face another Game 1 loss with an 18-to-9 beatdown from the Raiders, the latter dominating the economy game including all major objectives, only losing one lord to GameLab.

Mark John "SUPER MJAY" Aspa's Valentina proved to be a thorn on GameLab's side as he registered a 6/1/6 KDA enough to counter Jermaine "Aizawa" Fernandez's Gord and grab the MVP honors.

The Gamers went into Game 2 and dominated RSG Mistah from start to finish, with the latter getting just one turtle and one turret from GameLab.

Vincent Brian "Takenaga" Montilla's tank-build Lancelot took the MVP nod with a 6/0/5 KDA and leading all players in gold per minute while Masayuki "YukTzy" Fujita's Bruno provided seven kills and five assists.

It was a close Game 3 for both teams, and with GameLab having a small lead in the 21st minute, Takenaga's Lancelot and Sendrey "Drey Scofield" Zabala's Fredrinn contested for the evolved lord

However, an extended two-against-two clash in the top lane proved to be fatal for RSG Mistah, with the rest of the team catching up for a full team fight which saw two down from GameLab and three for RSG.

With only Drey Scofield and Mark Vincent "Vane" Dasig's Paquito left to defend their exposed base, Takenaga and Steve Nash "Steve" Calunuran's Chou went for the GG push and called game in the 22nd minute.

Takenaga's Lancelot grabbed the MVP honors anew with a 4/2/4 KDA performance while YukTzy's Brody provided the most damage while only falling once.

Both teams will face another tough challenge in Smart Omega NEOS, with RSG Mistah on September 19 and GameLab on September 20.

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