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ECHO Proud keeps streak alive despite conceding Game 1 vs. Euphoria

Photo from ECHO Philippines

by Drew Malihan

MANILA - The Orcas keep their undefeated record as they stop a scare from Euphoria Esports to continue their campaign in the MLBB Developmental League - Philippines (MDL-PH) Season 2 on Tuesday.

Both teams were coming off convincing victories from last week, with Euphoria sweeping RSG Mistah on their only Week 2 series, while ECHO Proud made quick work of Blacklist Academy Lunatix.

Euphoria gave the Orcas their first MDL game loss as they conceded the first game within 17 minutes as they dominated the map control, getting two lords to their side.

Vincent "Venogo" Orogo's Baxia made life hard for Justine "Zaida" Palma's Fredrinn as the former secured twice as much as the latter in orange buff as well as having thrice as much in the purple.

It was Jan Carl "Shizou" Valdez who claimed the MVP nod with a 5/0/7 performance with the Bruno.

The Orcas forced a rubber match in Game 2 courtesy of a close 11-8 outing against Euphoria, capped by a clash near the lord pit in the 14th minute that saw three members down for the latter's side.

Zaida's jungle Joy secured the MVP nod with five kills and five assists while falling only three times.

ECHO went in the deciding game dominating the economy game, securing all neutral objectives while giving Christian Francis "HEADS" Morada's Paquito a hard time, falling six times out of 13 total deaths.

It was Zaida's Joy again who did the most to claim the MVP of the game award with six kills and two assists, while Jhonville "OUTPLAYED" Villar and Santi "Santi Sucre" Noble combined for two kills and 13 assists in the bottom lane.

The Orcas will try to end the first half of the regular season strong against MHRLK Esports, while Euphoria will try to get back to their winning ways against Minana Archives, both on Thursday.

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