ECHO Proud remains undefeated after sweep of Blacklist LTX

Photo from ECHO

by Drew Malihan

MANILA - ECHO Proud extends their winning streak to four after a 2-0 showing against Blacklist Academy Lunatix to wrap up Wednesday's games in MLBB Developmental League - Philippines (MDL-PH) Season 2.

With no changes to ECHO Proud's lineup, Blacklist sits out Kyle Dominic "Dominic" Soto once more with Asi "Asi" Rodriguez taking his spot as the starting offlaner.

ECHO fielded a lineup with a midlane Faramis in Jankurt "KurtTzy" Matira's hands to support Justine "Zaida" Palma's Fredrinn, while Blacklist went with an Alucard pocket pick for jungler Avrian "Vri X" Villorente.

The defending champions capitalized on the lack of defensive frontline and targeted Vri X while Asi became a non-factor thanks to James "Jeymz" Gloria winning the lane battle with his Paquito.

It was Santi "Santi Sucre" Noble's performance with the Franco that grabbed the MVP honors, helping the team get all the major objectives for a 10-6 ECHO Proud win.

The orcas spelled a different Game 2 as they went guns blazing against the Academy, finishing the game in under 12 minutes and getting all the objectives once more.

Jeymz's performance on the Terizla spelled the difference for the Orcas as he took the MVP nod with five kills and 11 assists and keeping Asi once more on the bay.

ECHO will seek for a fifth straight win against Euphoria Esports while Blacklist LTX will seek for their first win against TNCZ4, both on September 12.

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