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MDL PH: ECHO Proud squeaks past RRQ Kaito

Photo from ECHO

by Drew Malihan

MANILA - ECHO Proud started the second half of the MDL Philippines Season 2 regular season in a thrilling fashion as they escape a resilient RRQ Kaito in three games on Tuesday.

Both teams fielded their main five for the series, with Mark Vincent "MarkTzy" Pagaduan and Edferds "Ferdz" Fernandez going back to their starting roles after sitting out their last series against Minana Archives.

ECHO took the first game of the series with a 19-12 score, as roamer Santi "Santi Sucre" Noble's Franco leading the charge for the Orcas with a 0/3/10 KDA, mostly targeting counterpart Karl "Karl" Devorosa's Edith.

Ferdz made his return to the starting role impactful for RRQ Kaito in the second game as he led the Kings of Kings in a close game that saw all ECHO members but James "Jeymz" Gloria's X.Borg not falling into the last clash.

The EXP laner's Paquito made three kills and four assists, including a crucial set against ECHO in the 18th minute, to get the MVP nod.

All was not lost for the defending champs as they avert their Game 2 loss with another close third game but Justine "Zaida" Palma's jungling prowess with his Fredrinn spelled the difference as they did not gave MarkTzy's Akai a single neutral objective.

It was Jeymz with the Khaleed who was hailed the MVP of the third game with four kills and eight assists, while Zaida grabs two kills and assisted 11.

ECHO, now at 6-1, will try to continue their momentum going against hapless AP.Bren Hornets on Thursday, while RRQ Kaito, now at 3-4, will try to keep their top-six finish hopes alive against fellow contenders TNCZ4 tomorrow.

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