MDL-PH: Euphoria takes 2nd win vs. RSG Mistah

Photo from Euphoria Esports

by Drew Malihan

MANILA - Euphoria Esports stops RSG Mistah's momentum as they grab their second win in MLBB Developmental League - Philippines (MDL-PH) Season 2 on Tuesday, two games to none.

Coming from a close 1-2 defeat at the hands of newcomers RRQ Kaito last Thursday, Euphoria vent their ire on the then-undefeated RSG Mistah, who enjoyed a 2-0 first week outing,

Coach Rivayne's boys dominated the first game as they dealt a 17-6 Game 1 beatdown of the RSG's second team, taking all neutral major objectives and not losing a single turret in the process.

Vincent "Venogo" Orogo claimed the MVP nod in the first game with his Baxia, recording five kills and seven assists, including a double kill in a two-against-four outplay inside RSG Mistah's base with Christian Francis "Heads" Morada's Gloo.

It was a different story in Game 2 as RSG Mistah went toe-to-toe with Euphoria with a more crowd-control heavy lineup of Martis jungle, offlane Arlott, and the combo of Kadita and Chou..

However, a Way of the Dragon ultimate from Denniel Denison "xNova" Gomez went wrong for Mistah as Euphoria wiped them out near the lord pit, with Joshua "Ryujin" Ramos" Pharsa getting two kills in the process, and all five of Euphoria getting straight to the base to seal the deal.

Ryujin grabbed the MVP nod with three kills and eight assists, while Lilflesh "Zone" Miranda's Kaja provided a kill and nine assists without falling even once.

Euphoria will take a long break for the rest of Week 2 before heading next Tuesday against ECHO Proud, while RSG Mistah still has one more match on Friday against RRQ Kaito.

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