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MDL-PH: Omega NEOS reverse sweeps MHRLK


Photo from Smart Omega - ML's Facebook page

by Drew Malihan

MANILA - Smart Omega NEOS climbs back from 0-1 down to take their second win of the MLBB Developmental League - Philippines (MDL-PH) Season 2 as they trip MHRLK Esports in their first faceoff this season on Tuesday.

Omega found themselves early on trailing as the mid-game MHRLK lineup of Irithel, X.Borg, Novaria, Ruby, and Fredrinn instantly clicked from the get-go and outwitted them, 18 kills to nine, including a wipeout in the 15th minute when Neos tried to stop the sanctuary lord.

Aldrin "Seiji" Damian's Irithel took the MVP nod with six kills and eight assists to his name while Edriel "Minguin" Gallantes's Novaria contributed to 83 percent of all MHRLK kills.

It was a different story in the second game as Smart Omega NEOS took an early lead in Game 2 and never came back thanks to Louis Gabriel "Louis" Ariola's Arlott in the jungle role. 

Christian "West" Mangabay then took over from the mid-game with the Wanwan armed with a Sea Halberd who ended as Game 2's MVP with five kills and 11 assists to his name, while Ryan Michi "RayL" Asaoka's Pharsa contributed to 21 of 23 total kills.

Ron Matthew "Matt_" Papag took over in the decider as he led Omega NEOS to a 24-11 battering of MHRLK with his Baxia, scoring six and assisting 12 while only falling two times.

MHRLK almost ended the game in their favor thanks to a successful lord take that saw three Barangay Omega members down, while shooing away Matt_ from even attempting to contest.

However, a push in the bottom lane for MHRLK went to naught as West led the turnaround with his Irithel, dealing massive damage even to the Minotaur and Edith then went straight to the base to secure the win.

Smart Omega NEOS will try to end the week on a high note as they will take ONIC Arsenals on Thursday, while MHRLK will try to bounce back against a hungry Minana Archives on Wednesday.

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