MHRLK Esports bounce back with sweep of Minana Archives

Photo from MHRLK Esports

by Drew Malihan

MANILA - MHRLK Esports rebounds off from yesterday's loss as they dominate Minana Archives, 2-0, to continue their Week 2 campaign in the MLBB Developmental League - Philippines (MDL-PH) Season 2 on Wednesday.

The Royal Blood did not waste much time in Game 1 as they finished off their opponents within 13 minutes with a jungle Paquito, offlane X.Borg, and a midlane Pharsa.

The Nana pocket pick bite back Minana Archives as Salvick "Kouzen" Tolarba's Claude and Gellert Mackenzie "Briskzzz" Pangilinan's Martis were repeatedly punished by flanks from MHRLK, with the latter's roamer Miguel "Migss" Sto NiƱo's Grock getting the MVP nod with eight assists to his name.

MHRLK repeats their stellar first game performance in the second game, lasting for just over 18 minutes with only one turret falling for MHRLK compared to Minana's nine.

Minana's focus on giving Kouzen as much gold as possible did not work however as despite having three tanky heroes in Chou, Edith, and Fredrinn, the burst damage from Kelvin "Kelvin" Chen's Martis proved to be too much.

It was Kelvin who claimed the MVP honors with six kills and four assists while Edriel "Minguin" Gallantes's Yve contributed four kills and six assists.

Both teams will take a Thursday break with Minana Archives taking on RRQ Kaito and MHRLK dealing with TNCZ4 on September 12.

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