MHRLK Esports stains ECHO Proud's unbeaten run, 2-0

Photo from MHRLK Esports

by Drew Malihan

MANILA - The Royal Blood reigns supreme against the Orcas as MHRLK Esports ends ECHO Proud's five-match unbeaten streak to end Week 3 of MDL Philippines on Thursday.

MHRLK's main five vented their ire against ECHO Proud after losing a close 2-1 series against TNCZ4 yesterday, while the Orcas came from a shaky 2-1 win over resilient Euphoria Esports.

ECHO started the early to mid of Game 1 but a crucial pickoff to Justine "Zaida" Palma's Lancelot and James "Jeymz" Gloria's Edith turned the tables for MHRLK Esports as they grabbed the first lord of the game.

From there, it was all MHRLK for the rest of the first game as despite a 10-8 kill score in favor of ECHO Proud, they took the final lord of the game and wrapped the affair in 16 minutes.

Edriel "Minguin" Gallantes's Pharsa grabbed the MVP nod with three kills and four assists in his name, falling only once.

MHRLK executed a different second game with a 16-to-4 domination of the defending champions, with the former controlling the economy game from the start.

The Orcas were overwhelmed by the mid game power spike of MHRLK courtesy of Kelvin "Kelvin" Chen's Joy and Aldrin "Seiji" Damian's Brody.

However, it was Minguin again who took the MVP nod with a 5/0/9 outing from the Valentina in the 18-minute game.

ECHO will try to regain the regular season table top spot as they will open Week 4 against mid-table RRQ Kaito, while MHRLK, now at 3-3, will try to continue their newfound momentum against ONIC Arsenals, both on a Tuesday.

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