MPL PH S12: Blacklist fends TNC to get fourth win

Photo from MPL Philippines

by Drew Malihan

MAKATI - Blacklist International get their groove back using their usual support heroes as they hold off a resilient TNC Pro Team, two games to one, in Week 3 of MPL Philippines Season 12 regular Season on Saturday.

Both teams came off from losses in their previous matches, with Blacklist down 0-2 to ONIC Philippines last week and TNC Pro Team falling to the same squad yesterday.

The Agents went on to grab the first win with a 9-3 outing in 19 minutes, thanks to Kiel "Oheb" Soriano's Claude dealing massive damage with four kills and four assists.

But it was Stephen "Sensui" Castillo's Akai who grabbed the MVP nod with five assists and falling only once, but has grabbed a clutch lord steal using the Heavy Spin ultimate to ward off King Cyric "K1NGKONG" Perez' Martis before activating the retribution.

TNC turned the tables in the second game as they dealt an 11-5 beatdown of Blacklist but was decided by a close margin, with K1NGKONG's Martis stealing the lord in the 17th minute along with takedown of three Blacklist heroes.

The Phoenix Army, getting the lord to their side, rammed into Blacklist's base to force a rubber match after 55 seconds, with K1NGKONG getting the MVP nod with 3/1/5 KDA, while Malcus "Hesu" Calderon's Edith tallied eight assists without a single death.

Blacklist got their senses back and executed a dominant 11-to-5 win over the Phoenix Army, capped by Oheb's nine-kill contribution with the Bruno.

But it was Renejay "Renejay" Barcase's Mathilda that got the MVP nod for the Codebreakers as he tallied two kills and six assists for the support hero.

With the win, Blacklist climbed to 10 points with 4-2 win-loss record, while TNC sinks to 1-5 tally with just four points in provisional eighth place.

TNC will try to get their momentum back against RSG Philippines on Sunday, while AP.Bren will see Blacklist on the same day to wrap the first half of MPL PH S12.

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