MPL PH: TNC sweeps Minana EVOS to get maiden S12 win

Screencap from MPL Philippines

by Drew Malihan

MAKATI - Rise from the dead, they said. And rise from the dead they did.

TNC Pro Team grabs their maiden MPL Philippines Season 12 victory as they sweeps Minana EVOS 2-0 to wrap their Week 1 games on Sunday.

Both teams remained unchanged with their lineups despite coming off from tough losses, with AP.Bren sweeping TNC and Minana EVOS falling down to Smart Omega.

TNC grabbed an X.Borg for Kristofer "Hesu" Calderon to go along with Bruno and Valentina as the main damage dealers, while Minana EVOS took a jungle Martis for Bien "Boyet" Chumacera to go with a double mage setup with Pharsa on Christian "Goyong" Martinez and James "Brusko" Parro with the roam Kadita.

It took TNC 20 minutes to grab the first win but Minana EVOS gave them a hard time with the latter get a 10-2 kill score advantage.

A lord take by King Cyric "K1NGKONG" Perez overturned the odds for TNC Pro Team as they close in the gold lead to their advantage and the rest of the Phoenix Army getting the kills capped byb a five man wipeout in the 20th minute to grab the first win.

Hesu took the MVP honors with a 1/1/6 KDS with the X.Borg while John Vincent "Innocent" Banal led all players in gold per minute.

TNC grabbed a Claude and a Faramis on the mid for a more late-game setup while Minana EVOS went for all burst with only Brusko's Grock as the main damage taker with the Grock.

It was Minana's game from the early to the 18th minute as they grabbed their hands on the lord during the dying minutes thanks to K1NGKONG anf Innocent going down in an extended team fight.

But a clutch defense went Minana EVOS's efforts to naught as Jetson "Goyo" Ignacio's Faramis' Nether Realm came into play to support the successful defense and with Jhon Marl "Lod JM" Sebastian falling down to the count, it all went downhill for the Neon Tigers.

Another Nether Realm was used to help on the damage from Goyong's last gasp damage but Innocent focused on the tower lock and secured the sweep.

K1NGKONG's Fredrinn grabbed the MVP nod with a 5/1/8 KDA with 87 percent team fight participation.

TNC will take a break on Friday and will face defending champs ECHO on Saturday, while Minana EVOS will try to get their fist win against Blacklist International on Friday.

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