Omega NEOS claims 5th win with rout of Hornets

Photo from Smart Omega
by Drew Malihan

MANILA - Smart Omega NEOS proves too much to handle for still winless AP.Bren Hornets as they face a 0-2 sweep in Day 2 of the third week of the MLBB Developmental League - Philippines (MPL-PH) Season 2.

Omega NEOS came off a sweep win against RRQ Kaito last Tuesday, while AP.Bren Hornets fell victims to reverse sweep masters GameLab last Thursday.

Tommy "KingFrenzy" Tolentino's Baxia found hard time battling a NEOS side with four crowd control-heavy heroes, falling six times in a 15-7 win for the Barangay..

Roamer Mark Glenn "Super Markkk" Florencio's Ruby grabbed the MVP honors as he contributed to 13 of 15 kills for Smart Omega NEOS, while Ryan Michi "RayL" Asaoka's Yve led all in the damage department with 5/0/8 KDA.

The Hornets went into Game 2 going toe-to-toe with NEOS, even going by leading as much as 800 gold in a close mid-game affair.

However, despite a crucial lord steal by KingFrenzy's Akai, it all went to naught as Omega NEOS took every Hornets member one by one and pushed the latter to defend to no avail to seal the game.

Ron Matthew "Matt_" Papag's Baxia claimed the MVP honors with 11 assists of 12 total Omega NEOS kills while only falling twice while Christian "West" Mangabay's 6/2/2 KDA led all players in damage dealt.

Omega NEOS will see a struggling RSG Mistah to try to extend their unbeaten run, currently at 5-0, while AP.Bren Hornetys will enter Week 4 looking for a much needed win against fellow elimination candidates Minana Archives.

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