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Omega NEOS sweeps ONIC Arsenals, extends streak to 3

Photo from Smart Omega

by Drew Malihan

MANILA - Smart Omega NEOS continue their winning ways as they sweep ONIC Arsenals 2-0 to get their third series victory in MLBB Developmental League - Philippines (MDL-PH) Season 2 on Thursday.

Both teams remained unchanged with their main lineup, as NEOS keep the squad that went 4-1 in games against Blacklist Academy Lunatix and MHRLK Esports, while the Arsenals keep the quintet despite a quick 0-2 loss to ECHO Proud on Tuesday.

It took the Barangay 17 and a half minutes to gain a 1-0 advantage against the Hedgehogs without losing a single neutral objective and losing just two turrets in the process.

The midlane duo of Ryan Michi "RayL" Asaoka and Mark Glenn "Super Markkk" Florencio spelled the difference for Omega NEOS, with RayL's Novaria killing one and assisting for 13, wheile Super Markkk's Khufra contributed a 2/2/9 performance to get the MVP nod.

It was a closer affair in the second half as ONIC Arsenals put up a fight and even leading for 18 minutes of the second game with a 10 to five kill score advantage.

But a play from Jefferdson "kkdot" Mogol's Khufra near the lord pit proved to be fatal for the Arsenals as Super Markkk's Grock countered it with a Wild Charge combined with Louis Gabriel "Louis" Ariola's Final Slash with the Arlott.

From there the tables turned in favor of the Barangay as they grabbed the lord to their side and engaged on a full team fight to take the series.

Omega NEOS will try to make it 4-0 when they will face RRQ Kaito on September 12, while ONIC Arsenals will try to bounce back with the game against GameLab.

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