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RRQ Kaito's streak at 3 after 2-0 win vs skidding RSG Mistah

by Drew Malihan

MANILA - The Kings of Kings keep their win streak alive as RRQ Kaito downs RSG Mistah to close Week 2 of MLBB Developmental League - Philippines (MDL-PH) Season 2 on Thursday.

Both unchanged with their main fives, RRQ is coming off an emphatic win against AP.Bren Hornets on Wednesday while RSG Mistah continued their campaign in a losing effort against Euphoria Esports on Tuesday.

RRQ Kaito dominated the mid to late game of the first face-off as RSG Mistah gets the two of three turtles before hitting the nine-minute mark.

It only took 14 minutes for the streaking Kaito to punish the late-game centric lineup of RSG Mistah, who lacked damage in the midlane department with a Faramis on Jayson "UKIR" Alupit's hands.

However, it was jungler Mark Vincent "MarkTzy" Pagaduan who take the MVP nod with his Lancelot's 3/1/5 performance while leading all players in gold per minute, while Kim "Daiki" Sebanes's Brody produced four kills and four assists.

RRQ Kaito repeated their Game 1 performance with a 17-minute second game with UKIR getting his hands on a Valentina to copy Justin Ahron "Shocker" Guanga's Kadita's ultimate Breath of the Ocean.

Despite the early to late game insurance in damage output, RRQ's use of Irithel in Daiki's hands as well as Terizla on Edferdz "Ferdz" Fernandez proved to be huge thorns as they combined for nine kills and 16 assists without falling once.

The Kings of Kings dominated the map with MarkTzy's Lancelot again getting the MVP nod with a 5/2/3 performance with his Lancelot and leading once more in the gold category.

RRQ Kaito will face Smart Omega NEOS who are also in a three-game win streak on Tuesday, while RSG Mistah, down 2-2, will seek for answers ahgainst GameLab on September 13.

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