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TNCZ4 avoids MHRLK Esports fightback to claim 4th win

Photo from TNC Pro Team

by Drew Malihan

MANILA - TNCZ4's second unit proves to be a squad worth fearing for as they sneaks past gritty MHRLK Esports, 2-1, to continue their MLBB Developmental League - Philippines (MDL-PH) Season 2 on Wednesday.

This is the second time that TNCZ4 fielded their second unit after a sound 0-2 defeat against current champions ECHO Proud on Week 1, while MHRLK opted to field Michael "Granzuu" Granzo in place of Drin "Dr1nsanity" Fontanilla.

TNCZ4 went dominant for 12 minutes with a 14-1 dumping of the Royal Blood, with the former getting all the neutral and major objectives as well as eight of nine MRHLK turrets.

Jhonjie Paul "Jiee" Dela Rosa's Fanny went berserk with nine kills and two assists to his name while both Zehnder "Kyureem" Fabugais's Chou and Hans "Kaihua" Virina's Bruno both registered five assists.

MHRLK showed that they are no pushovers in the second game as they executed an 11-3 domination in under 15 minutes, with Kurt Daniel "Hao" Navarro's Lylia pocket pick biting them back with four deaths alone on the mage.

Kelvin "Kelvin" Chen's Paquito in the EXP lane grabbed the MVP nod as the burst-heavy boxer gets five kills and two assists without falling once and winning his lane from the get-go.

It was a closer encounter for both teams in Game 3 as they went on multiple team fights and pick-offs for 16 minutes, but Hao's crucial Feathered Airstrike with his Pharsa proved to be the difference maker as TNCZ4 took down all MHRLK members and went straight to their base to lock the victory.

It was indeed Hao with 4/1/12 KDA who took the MVP nod, contributing to 84 percent of all the Phoenix Army kills in the rubber match.

TNCZ4 will be back in action next Wednesday against RRQ Kaito, while MHRLK will try to regain their momentum against ONIC Arsenals on Tuesday..

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