AP.Bren books playoff ticket after dominant win vs. Minana EVOS

Photo from MPL Philippines

by Drew Malihan

MAKATI - AP.Bren book their seat in the playoffs as they sweep fellow playoff hopeful Minana EVOS, two games to none, to end their Week 5 campaign in MPL Philippines Season 12 Sunday.

The Hive secured themselves a playoff spot as they grabbed 21 points total to end Week 5, two points higher than Minana EVOS' maximum possible points of 19, tagging Blacklist International with them to the playoff picture as well.

Rowgien "Owgwen" Unigo led APBR to a low-scoring 6-5 victory over the Tigers with one kill and five assists to his name, while only falling twice in 21 minutes of play, with his only kill the first blood against Jhon Marl "Lord JM" Sebastian's Terizla.

Another takedown against Lord JM after the lord fight spelled the end for Minana EVOS as AP.Bren called GGs from all lanes, prompting them to defend but to no avail.

Marco "Super Marco" Requitiano's Beatrix registered four kills and one assist while David "FlapTzy" Canon soaked the most damage with 256 thousand without falling once and assisting three kills.

The Hive continued their dominant run with another low-scoring game, six kills to just one, with the only kill from Dominic "Domeng" del Mundo's Beatrix taking down counterpart Super Marco's Irithel.

Owgwen grabbed another MVP nod with Minotaur, dishing five assists to his team without falling once, while skipper Angelo "Pheww" Arcangel's Valentina pressured Ken Louie "Kzen" Pile's Akai from taking any objective with the I Am You ultimate.

AP.Bren will now focus on their chances of securing the upper bracket slot with games against Smart Omega, ECHO, and Blacklist International, while Minana EVOS will try to secure their own with games against the defending champions as well as ONIC Philippines.

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