Bolden scores two as Filipinas beat Taipei in OQT 2nd Round opener


Sarina Bolden scored two goals vs. Chinese Taipei
in opening match of the 2nd Round OQT. | 

By: Gil Moriones

MANILA - The flamboyancy of Sarina Bolden reflected again when the country needed the most, as she led the Filipinas to open their Second Round of Olympic Qualifying Tournament (OQT) with an impressive and convincing win vs. Chinese Taipei, 4-1, held at Perth Rectangular Stadium at Perth, Australia, Thursday evening. 

Bolden's burst of the match started with her goal from the spot left for the Taipei's Cheng Ssu-Yu not bothered to contest it, to make it 1-1 at the 53rd minute.

The penalty happened after Merlyn Serrano was fouled by Zhou Li-Ping inside the box, as she tried to find Bolden. 

Then, she contributed another goal after became beneficiary from the defensive error of Taipei. 

She luckily rebounded the ball and easily put it inside of the net from the deflection of the Taipei defender. 

As she doubled their advantage at 83rd minute at 3-1, she contributed five goals in this Olympic Qualifying Tournament, with total of 28 international goals as Filipina.

Katrina Guillou joined the conversation as Tahnai Annis located her in an onside area and Kat easily powered her attempt to make the 44th in FIFA World Rankings ahead at 2-1 in 60th minute. 

Finally, Chandler McDaniels added another accolades to her shirt as she flicked comfortably the feed from Angela Beard to put another nail in the coffin at 4-1 in 90th minute of the match. 

So far, she listed four goals for this OQT. 

All of the goals of the 2022 Asian Games Quarterfinalist were made to counter the early lead in the 2nd half of the Chinese Taipei as Lin Hsin-Hui found Hsu Yi-Yun unguarded for the powerful finish that even Olivia McDaniel could not break through at the 47th minute to take the lead of the match. 

They will face the 2023 FIFA Women's Cup top 4, Australia Matildas in the expected spectator-loaded Perth Stadium this Sunday, and against Iran in All Saint's Day. 

Earlier, South Korea effortlessly showed their class as they win in a big 10-1 score vs. Thailand.