Minana EVOS grabs crucial win with sweep of RSG PH

Photo from MPL Philippines

by Drew Malihan

MAKATI - Minana EVOS vent their ire against RSG Philippines as they pull up a 2-0 upset to end Day 2 of Week 5 of MPL Philippines Season 12 regular season on Saturday.

It was a regular season sweep for Minana EVOS, who dealt a Week 2 2-0 win against the Raiders, and a morale-booster after conceding against Blacklist International, while RSG PH's two-series streak came to an end.

Minana EVOS went to the first game with a close but convincing Game 1 victory with only seven kills to RSG PH's three, with Jan Dominic "Domeng" del Mundo's Brody getting the MVP nod with four kills and three assists to his name, while Brian Milez "Spider-Milez" Santos registered six assists with the Rafaela.

The match was even throughout the entire duration of the game until Ken Louie "Kzen" Pille's Fredrinn grabbed the lord, and with RSG PH's desperation plays came to naught, took the opportunity and marched straight to the base to secure the victory.

Dylan "Light" Catipon's 0/0/3 KDA performance on the Mathilda meanwhile wasn't enough to get the job done for the Raiders.

Minana EVOS takes advantage on the accidental Aldous pick from the Raiders and drafted a crowd control-heavy lineup with Minotaur, Fredrinn, Novaria, and Edith, with Domeng's Beatrix being the main damage dealer.

The Tigers made John Darry "Irrad" Abarquez's Aldous game complicated as they continuously invaded his own jungle and disengaged him on any potential lord takes to deny him of any huge stacks and buffs.

It was all MNNE for the entire 15 minutes as they take a 11-2 win over the Raiders with Spider-Milez' Minotaur getting the MVP nod with one kill and nine assists, while Kzen's Fredrinn grabbed a 1/0/6 KDA.

With the huge win, Minana EVOS ended the day in sixth place with four wins and seven losses and 13 points in the bag, while RSG sinks to 6-5 tally and stayed on fourth place to end the day.

The Raiders will have another shot for the crucial placement points as they will go against record-seeking ECHO, while Minana EVOS will try to pull another upset against AP.Bren, both on Sunday.

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