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Nash Racela apologizes to UAAP for post-game remark, spared from suspension as Adamson fights for Final 4 life vs. NU

Adamson coach Nash Racela said sorry for what the UAAP thought was a detrimental remark on Sunday night. UAAP Season 86 Media Team (file photo)
By Dugout Philippines

MANILA--The University Athletic Association of the Philippines (UAAP) has officially accepted the apology issued by Adamson University head coach Nash Racela following his remarks made during a press conference last Sunday.

After Adamson's game against Ateneo de Manila University, Coach Racela commented on the Blue Eagles’s chances of making it to the Final Four, stating, "I know they like Ateneo to make it to the Final Four. I don't know how much percentage. Malaki, majority 'di ba? The UAAP probably wants them. A lot of people probably want them to go in." 

Following the said statements, the UAAP, through the Commissioner’s Office, issued a letter to Coach Racela, which contained a reference to UAAP rules violated and a postgame report of the fourth quarter of the subject game. The report revealed that there was an acceptable margin of error, and missed calls were divided equally between both teams. 

While the penalty of suspension could be imposed outright, Coach Racela was given an opportunity to escape the said penalty by making a formal apology for his statements. 

In response to the incident and to avoid sanctions, Coach Racela issued a formal apology, expressing regret for the mention of the UAAP in the interview. 

He stated, “If it will do us any good, I apologize for the mere mention of the UAAP in the interview. I guarantee that there was no malice intended, and there was no intention to cast doubt on the integrity of the league."

In consideration of Coach Racela's apology and clarification, the UAAP Basketball Commissioner's Office has decided not to suspend him for Adamson University's upcoming game against National University on Wednesday. However, Coach Racela has been issued a stern reprimand as a reminder of the importance of maintaining the league's integrity and sportsmanship.

The UAAP emphasizes its commitment to sportsmanship and the spirit of healthy competition. 

The league looks forward to continued cooperation from member schools to uphold the values of the UAAP.

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