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AP.Bren moves to UB finals with win vs. Geek Fam

Photo from Moonton

by Drew Malihan

QUEZON CITY - Tournament favorites AP.Bren continue their quest to the M5 World Championship as they send Indonesian runners-up Geek Fam to the lower bracket Tuesday.

The Hive started their day with a 22-minute Game 1 which saw Mark "Markyyy" Capacio having a hard time playing the jungle role for the second consecutive series in place of Manuel "Nnael" Simbolon, who was currently suspended.

Rowgien "Owgwen" Unigo led AP.Bren with 5/0/14 on the Mathilda, contributing to all of his team's kills while Kyle "KyleTzy" Sayson's Baxia tallied a kill and team-high 17 assists along with two lords.

Geek Fam fought back in the second game, with Luke Febrian "LUKE" Valentinus's backdoor play with the Khaleed outsmarting the rest of AP.Bren, along with two kills and three assists.

KyleTzy's early game aggression with the Martis went to naught as he did not grabbed a single turtle or lord in the entire 19-minute game.

Captain Angelo "Pheww" Arcangel brought the series lead back to a one-game advantage as his offensive-build Faramis tallied four kills and five assists while KyleTzy had a field day with the Fredrinn, completely outplaying Markyyy's Akai with all the major objectives.

The dominance continued for the Hive as they executed a near-perfect 12-1 outing in the fourth game, with Owgwen's Mathilda scoring one kill and nine assists, while Marco "Super Marco" Requitiano have a comfortable Brody play with 4/0/1 KDA in 16 minutes.

The Hive will figure out in a marquee matchup against fellow tournament favorites ONIC Esports on Saturday inside the Rizal Memorial Coliseum in the upper bracket final.

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