AP.Bren moves to upper bracket semis after 3-1 win vs. See You Soon

Photo from Moonton

by Drew Malihan

QUEZON CITY - Hometown bets AP.Bren cruises their way into the upper bracket semifinals after a 3-1 win vs. Cambodian champions See You Soon to start their knockout rounds campaign of the M5 World Championships Sunday.

It was a massive win for the Bees, who have yet to concede a series in the tournament, and secures them at least a top six finish in M5.

David "Charles" Canon returned to his M2 identity as he grabbed the MVP nod with a 5/1/4 outing from the Paquito, leading the team to a 13-5 Game 1 win, with Angelo "Pheww" Arcangel backed his Ten Greatest Players inclusion with a 1/0/10 performance.

Filipino reinforcement Michael "MPTheKing" Endino flipped the switch in the second game with a 2/2/7 showing from the Helcurt pick while outlasting AP.Bren in under 19 minutes.

A last gasp defense from AP.Bren went to naught as with the third lord in the Cambodian outfit's side, the latter prompted for a GG push to lock the series to 1-1.

The Bees went buzzing in the third game as they did not give a single turtle, lord, or turret to See You Soon, capped with Pheww on the Odette pocket pick that gave the Cambodian side myriad of problems with five kills and three assists.

However, it was the Kyle "KyleTzy" Sayson show with an identical 5/0/3 KDA with the Nolan enough to grab the MVP nod for Game 3.

Marco "Super Marco" Requitiano meanwhile go berserk in the fourth game as the Brody tallied 11 kills and three assists to help AP.Bren clinch the series, while Pheww's Faramis tallied 17 assists with the Faramis.

APBR only conceded two turtles, while FlapTzy and Rowgien "Owgwen" Unigo displaced any See You Soon attempts on any lord or turtle contest in the 17-minute affair.

The Bees will try to go deeper in their M5 run, going against the winner between Burmese Ghouls and Geek Fam ID on Tuesday.

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