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Blacklist starts M5 quest, quashes RRQ Akira

Photo from Moonton

by Drew Malihan

QUEZON CITY - Blacklist International begins their M-Series redemption with a 2-0 thumping of Brazilian giants RRQ Akira to score their first win in the group stage of the M5 World Championships Sunday

RRQ Akira suffered their first defeat in 134 days, including 12 matches in both MPL Brazil and Liga Latam, as well as their second defeat in as many series matches to Blacklist.

It was a dominant showing for the Codebreakers in Game 1, who have fielded a Guinevere jungle for Stephen "Sensui" Castillo and roamer Renejay "Renejay" Barcase getting his hands on the Mathilda, with RRQ sticking on a more traditional setter tank lineup with the Khufra for Luiz Henrique "Luizzz" da Silva Alves.

Blacklist only needed 11 minutes to finish the first game with Edward Jay "Edward" Dapadap getting the MVP nod with the Edith, who registered five kills and three assists, completely outplaying Arthur "Tekashi" Silva do Nascimento's Benedetta, who fell down four times.

Renejay, Sensui, and Kennenth "Yue" Tadeo also registered a 100 percent kill participation, with Kiel "Oheb" Soriano's Brody tallied 2/0/2.

It was a much closer affair in the second game with Tekashi bringing back a classic EXP Laner Grock pick with the Assassin emblem alongside a jungler Akai for Lucas Felipe "Kiing" De Oliveira Godoy, while Blacklist sticked to their identity as Renejay fielded their signature Estes with Sensui going for the Baxia.

Kiing caused early game problems for the Codebreakers as the Brazilian kings grabbed all three turtles in the early game, but Renejay and Oheb found their groove late in the game, with the roamer getting a 1/0/6 MVP performance and Oheb tallying three kills and three assists.

With Edward doing the dirty work and pushing both sidelanes with the Benedetta, Blacklist capitalized on their expanded territory working on three of four lords of the game, with the fourth one ending the game thanks to Yue's takedown on Luizz and Oheb getting Tekashi.

Matheus "Seigen" Vieira Lima and Gustavo "Gustalagusta" da Costa Lima helped with combined three kills and six assists but was put to naught as Blacklist ended the series in 28 minutes.

The Filipinos will try to extend their win streak as they will take on Pinoy-laden Team SMG with Kenneth "Saxa" Fedelin and Deomark "Mikko" Tabangay, while RRQ will hope to salvage their season against fellow dark horses Fire Flux Esports.

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