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M5 Recap: DeVu clips TOB; Burmese Ghouls, BTR Sons suffered 2nd loss

Deus Vult's Sawo was one of the keys for the CIS side's win over TheOhioBrothers. Photo from Moonton

by Drew Malihan

QUEZON CITY - The M5 World Championships wraps their second of the six-day group stage days, two of the four series went the distance and Blacklist International capping the day with a win against Brazilian powerhouse RRQ Akira.

Three more teams joined the win column alongside Blacklist as CIS representatives Deus Vult, Singaporean champs Team Flash, and Cambodian titans SeeYouSoon emerged victorious in their respective matches.

DeVu stood tall vs. TOB in three-game thriller

Perhaps the best game of the series goes to an all-Western showdown between Deus Vult and USA's TheOhioBrothers, where Stanislav "Sawo" Reshnyak and his team emerged victorious after three games.

Sunset Lover took the MVP nod in Game 1. Photo from Moonton

Kemiran "Sunset Lover" Kochkarov showed his veteran presence in the first game with four kills and six assists to take the MVP nod in Game 1 for the Russia-based squad, but Ziameth-Jei "ZIA" Caluya delivered in the second game, putting an impressive 6/0/5 tally to force Game 3.

Sawo reintroduced the infamous Diggie pick in M5 with a kill and 14 assits and only falling twice to give Deus Vult the series win after a half-hour-long third game, while Gold Laner Carl Vincent "Carvi" Tinio lead DeVu in the kills with seven with the Brody.

Team Flash hands Ghouls' 2nd loss

It was too close yet too far for the Burmese Ghouls as they suffered a 2-1 reverse sweep at the hands of Singapore champions Team Flash in the second game of the series.

The Ghouls started strong with an almost 25-minute Game 1, with roamer Kyaw "Blinkx" Thuya's Ruby delivering with 12 assists, including a two-man I am Offended ultimate near the lord pit that spelled the end for the entirety of Team Flash within seconds.

Adammir's Game 2 performance sparked Team Flash's comeback in the series. Photo from Moonton

Flash's EXP Laner Adam "Adammir" Chong stepped up for the Singapore-based side with 6/3/1 on the Khaleed to force a third game, 21 kills to just 9, while Jaymark "Hadess" Lazaro's Guinevere enjoyed a flawless 4/0/10 outing in 24 minutes.

It only took 12 minutes of Game 3 for Team Flash to wrap things up as they dominated the objective game, with Blinkx and Thiha "Carbon" Kyaw combining for eight total deaths, while Keith "Vanix" Lim and Game MVP Jay "Jayy" Chng combining for eight kills and eight assists.

The Ghouls would need to defeat Lilgun, as well as for the other teams to lose twice as well to force a four-team tiebreaker.

"The Kings" plucked BTR Sons

Cambodia's finest See You Soon witnessed two quick games, all under 12 minutes, as they put Brazil runners-up Bigetron Sons to the brink of elimination, two games to none.

Michael "MPTheKing" Endino showed an MVP 7/0/5 master class with the Nolan in a 15-4 beatdown, which saw him take all major objectives, while Leng "SryImFelix" Kimhak and Sovann "Raa" Chanmakara did not die as well during the entire game.

MPTheKing's Nolan was instrumental in their Game 1 quick work. Photo from Moonton

It was MP's tandem, Sok "BoxiTheKing" Viera who was hailed the MVP of Game 2 going for 1/1/9 with the roam Kaja that gave Lucas Jose "Supper Uppa" Da Silva Araujo and Victor Felippe "LunnaOMBotak" Da Costa Monteiro problems from start to end.

Geek Fam, TOB to face in all-important Group D action

It will be a crucial game for both Geek Fam and TheOhioBrothers with a win putting them in a more favorable position in Group D, as both teams will go tomorrow with no wins and a loss.

See You Soon will try to put their previous win aside and welcome Coach Lyrick and Saudi Arabian side Triple Esports in Group A., while Team Flash will be the welcoming committe for debuting Mongolian side Lilgun in Group C.

Blacklist International will also see action tomorrow, capping the third day against Team SMG, with the win solidifying themselves on top of Group B.

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