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Blacklist Rivalry sweeps Execration to win all-Filipino Predator League DOTA finals

Blacklist Rivalry won their first tournament with their current roster. Ivan Saldajeno
By Ivan Saldajeno

PASAY—Blacklist Rivalry scored its first championship with its retooled roster by beating Execration, 2-0, in the Asia-Pacific Predator League DOTA 2 finals on Sunday night at the SM Mall of Asia Arena.

Blacklist made quick work of Game 1 as Abed Yusop's Dragon Knight dominated Bob Urbina's Pangolier at the middle lane early on and went 10-0 in kills.

Just as Execration was resolving the Abed puzzle, Marc Fausto's Alchemist took flight to carry the fight for Blacklist in the mid-game.

Execration put a gallant fight in defending their base later in the match, but a team wipe by Blacklist at the middle lane forced them to call GG after nearly 42 and a half minutes.

Execration somehow kept the game close early into Game 2 especially with Urbina, now playing Ember Spirit, dominating the middle lane against Yusop's Kunkka.

Execration even killed the first Roshan of the game with Edrian Sandigan, playing as Morphling, taking the Aegis.

However, the team suffered a crucial error when Urbina failed to acknowledge a Blacklist gank coming and was killed.

While Execration bounced back a little later in the match, Kim Santos' Naga Siren illusions canceled Morphling's Aegis.

Santos and Fausto, now playing as Luna, spearheaded Blacklist's last charge which culminated with Fausto completing a triple kill right in Execration's main base as Execration conceded in the 37th minute.

Blacklist took home US$65,000 (around PHP3.62 million) for ruling the event, while Execration settled for US$20,000 (around PHP1.1 million).

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