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AP.Bren's streak extends to 11, trips Minana EVOS to 3rd straight loss

Photo from Moonton

by Drew Malihan

MAKATI - The bees continue to swarm the pro scene.

AP.Bren's winning ways remain as they dealt Minana EVOS their third straight loss of the MPL Philippines Season 13 Sunday inside the Shooting Gallery Studios.

The Bees remained unblemished in their run, extending to 11 games since their lower bracket finals win at the M5 World Championships last December.

However, the Tigers gave the defending local and international champions a hard fight in Game 1 as they engaged in a 34-minute Game 1, led by Jan Dominic "Domeng" del Mundo's Karrie with eight kills and five assists.

Minana extended the fight up until the sixth lord appeared until Domeng was taken down by Rowgien "Owgwen" Unigo with a three-man skirmish, including Marco "Super Marco" Requitiano's Claude and Kyle "KyleTzy" Sayson's Fredrinn.

From there, Minana EVOS tried to have a last-gasp defense, even taking down four AP.Bren heroes while losing three in the process, but Owgwen ended the game on his terms, going for a tower lock.

The Bees' roamer contributed with one kill and 13 assists, while David "FlapTzy" Canon's X.Borg went with 8/5/9 KDA to lead the team in kills.

Coach Christian "Bitoy" Casten went with a pocket strategy for Game 2, picking up Layla for Domeng, a hero that hasn't been used since MPL-PH began in 2018, while Coach Robert "Trebor" Sanchez went with the classic Novaria-Beatrix combination.

The latter worked wonders for AP.Bren, with Super Marco contributing to six of seven kills, while captain Angelo "Pheww" Arcangel went for 1/1/2, with the sole kill sealing the deal as he took out Domeng's Layla.

Minana EVOS has only taken one turret and did not get any of the three turtles or three lords, as only Ken Louie "Kzen" Pile's Akai was capable of soaking damage from the Bren quintet.

Minana drops down to 1-3 following a 0-2 Week 2 campaign, with their next matches against RSG and Smart Omega, while AP.Bren will try to extend their win streak to six with battles against Smart Omega and ECHO in Week 3.

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