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Edward shines as Blacklist keeps Omega winless to end MPL-PH Week 2

Photo from Moonton

by Drew Malihan

MAKATI - Blacklist International keeps itself in the running to end the MPL Philippines Season 13 Week 2 as they sweep Smart Omega for the last match of Day 3, Sunday.

Roamer Salic "Hadji" Imam was reactivated into the starting five for the Codebreakers, as Kim "Kimpoy" dela Cruz returns to the dugout after playing for one match against TNC Pro Team.

Smart Omega meanwhile went to field their veteran five to start the game for the first time, consisting of Nowee "RYOTA" Macasa, John Paul "H2WO" Salonga, Jomari "JOWM" Pingol, Dexter "EXORT" Martinez, and Carlito "RIBO" Ribo Jr. 

Blacklist drew first blood early as they avoided a late-game Omega comeback despite leading much throughout the game, thanks to Stephen "Sensui" Castillo's 66 percent win rate on all major objectives in the 18-minute match.

But it was Edward "Edward" Dapadap who called the game for Blacklist as he, despite having a sliver of HP left, diverted his attention from the lord dance and went straight to the exposed Omega base, just as his teammates were punishing their opponents in the extended team fight.

Edward's Paquito was hailed the game MVP with 3/2/5 KDA in his name, while main damage dealer Kiel "Oheb" Soriano added or assisted to all Blacklist kill scores with 4/0/7.

Omega decided to spice things in the second game, pulling off a Blacklist special with a Ruby gold lane for Jowm and a jungle Natan for H2WO, while having Exort the mid-lane Barats.

The men in black had a hard time reaching Natan from the mid-to-late-game as the marksman jungler was guarded by a crowd control-heavy guard, including the season debut of Floryn.

But Edward led the charge once more for his team, zoning all five Omega members to take down their final inhibitor turret and assisting Kenneth "Yue" Tadeo's crucial takedown of Jow,'s Ruby.

From there, Blacklist did not stray away from the Omega base, with Edward scoring another crucial takedown in H2WO and forcing Ribo's Floryn to defend to no avail.

The Hall of Famer shined once more with two kills and five assists with the assassin, Oheb's Karrie ended with 4/2/4, and Ryota's Paquito scored three kills and three assists.

The league will go for a Holy Week break, with Blacklist going for Onic and  ECHO, and Omega dealing with two hard-hitters in AP.Bren and Minana EVOS after the holidays.

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