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MPL PH: KarlTzy's Lord steal sparks Echo's Game 3 comeback vs RSG PH

"KarlTzy" was clutch in the decider against RSG PH. Moonton
By Ivan Saldajeno

MAKATI--"KarlTzy" Nepomuceno scored a crucial breakthrough that led to Echo taking its MPL Philippines Season 13 first-round affair against budding rival RSG Philippines on Friday night at the Shooting Gallery Studios.

During the deciding game of their best-of-three tie, Nepomuceno pounced on the chance after Jonard Caranto joined a team fight just when he already inflicted a lot of damage on the enhanced Lord and stole the mini-boss from RSG PH, sparking Echo's comeback after RSG PH began Game 3 strong.

In the final Lord fight, Echo decided to let go of the Lord and successfully went on killing the entire RSG PH quintet, easily killing the Lord in the middle lane and finishing the game off.

Echo's Game 3 comeback spoiled an impressive outing from Arvie Antonio, whose impressive performance in Game 2 led RSG PH to the game win that forced the decider after Echo dominated Game 1.

Despite already conceding one game after sweeping their first two assignments, Echo remains undefeated match-wise at 3-0, momentarily taking solo first place pending AP Bren's Saturday night match against RSG PH.

RSG PH fell to 1-2, but its Game 2 win gave them a point to go up to four, tying Minana Evos for fourth place.

Minana, though, will play Onic also on Saturday night.

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