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MPL-PH: RSG raids new-look Barangay Omega to take first S13 win

RSG Philippines' Demonkite and Nibor. Photo from Moonton

by Drew Malihan

MAKATI - Baptism of fire from the homecoming heroes.

RSG Philippines grabs their first win of the season as they give a retooled Smart Omega side a 2-1 series defeat in Week 1 Day 2 of MPL Philippines Season 13.

The Raiders fielded a returning Jonard Cedrix "Demonkite" Caranto and Clarense Jay "Kusey" Camilo, who enjoyed successful stints in RSG Malaysia and See You Soon, respectively, while having a newcomer in Jhondy "Nibor: Ranque.

The Barangay meanwhile revealed a younger lineup, mostly coming from their academy side Smart Omega NEOS last season.

RSG clicked from the fourth minute onwards of Game 1, with Demonkite's Nolan dealing five kills and three assists in 13 minutes, as Omega's tanky lineup of Ruby, Tigreal, and jungle Hylos suffered from inferior damage output.

Omega recovered in a low-scoring Game 2, six kills to three, as Louis Gabriel "LOUIS" Ariola's Arlott tallied one kill and three assists, while Mark Glenn "MARKED" Florencio assisted in all of Omega's kills with the Minotaur.

Coach Brian "Panda" Im's boys' locked all three points as newcomer Nibor grabs his first game MVP with a 4/0/6 performance with the X.Borg, while being the highest damage dealer among all players.

RSG did not give Omega a single turtle or lord for the entire 15 minutes, taking all four major objectives on their own while taking down all but one turret.

Omega will next take ECHO, while RSG will figure against Onic, both on Sunday, to end their respective Week 1 campaigns.

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