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ECHO fends off TNC fightback, moves closer to top spot

Photo from Moonton

by Drew Malihan

MAKATI - Top contenders ECHO inches closer to the top seed of the MPL Philippines Season 13 table as they overcame a TNC Pro Team fightback, two games to one, Saturday.

ECHO provisionally secured the second spot after now-top three team ONIC Philippines dropped points after a 0-2 series loss to Minana EVOS earlier.

It was a dominant start for the Orcas as they handled TNC an 18-3 beatdown, securing themselves all but one turret in the process.

Veteran roamer Jaypee "Jaypee" dela Cruz puts a masterful performance with the Kaja, tallying three kills and 12 assists to lead the team.

Alston "Sanji"Pabico's Novaria had a good performance, getting two kills and 10 assists without falling once, while Karl "KarlTzy" Nepomuceno secured all major objectives alongside a 5/1/9 KDA with the Barats.

However, TNC orchestrated a classic TNC late-season fightback, as Jaylord "Hatred" Gonzales' Novaria puts the Phoenix Army on level terms 1-1, with a 16-4 beatdown of the Orcas.

The midlaner scored five kills and nine assists to lead the team, while Christian "HEADS" Morada puts two and 10 on the Cici.

KarlTzy had a hard game with Julian, tallying only two kills and two assists while falling a team-high five deaths in the almost 20-minute match.

ECHO only grabbed a turtle in the major objectives department, while TNC continued to deny KarlTzy of his purple buffs, leading 14 to 8.

The Orcas came back to their senses and showed a 15-2 dominance of the Phoenix Army with Sanji's Famais leading the way with nine kills and five assists and Jaypee's Minotaur assisting in 12 kills while getting a kill of his won.

Cesar “Nomed” Sugarno and Czedrick "Super Yoshi" had a bad patch in Game 3, combining for eight deaths while only assisting one in total.

With the loss, TNC will try to catch the playoff bus, hoping for a win against playoffs-bound RSG Philippines on Sunday, while ECHO will see Minana EVOS on Saturday.

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