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ECHO overwhelms Minana EVOS for fourth straight win

Photo from Moonton

by Drew Malihan

MAKATI - ECHO Express: Shinkansen Edition.

MPL Philippines contenders ECHO Philippines make quick work of fellow playoff hopefuls Minana EVOS as they get their full three points in the league's sixth week Saturday.

The Orcas answered the White Tigers' first-half performance last Week 4 when the latter swept the former in their first encounter with Jan "Domeng" del Mundo and Ken "Kzen" Pile delivering the goods.

Alston "Sanji" Pabico had a perfect first game for ECHO with his Luo Yi pick registering seven kills and six assists to get the MVP nod, while veteran Jaypee "Jaypee" dela Cruz's Chip tallied a kill and 11 assists.

The two became catalysts for ECHO's snowball from the get-go, with their teleportation skills being too much for Minana to handle.

ECHO continued their dominant form in the second game, this time a 15-2 beatdown of Minana EVOS with Sanji again getting the MVP nod.

The star midlaner's Faramis registered a 3/2/11 KDA for the second game, while Jaypee's Minotaur assisted 80 percent of all ECHO kills.

Kzen did not get his hands on a single major objective, while John "Perkziva" Sumawan going down five times in the 10-minute match.

Minana stayed at 17 points but was down to a 5-7 record, while ECHO tied with AP.Bren with 28 points but was still second with a 9-3 win-loss record.

ECHO will next take on Blacklist International in their quest for a top spot in the playoffs, while Minana will try to bounce back against RSG Philippines.

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