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Minana EVOS ends three-game skid, sweeps winless Omega

Photo from Moonton

by Drew Malihan

MAKATI - Minana EVOS snaps their three-game losing skid as they sweep a winless Smart Omega side to end their MPL Philippines Week 3 campaign Sunday inside the Shooting Gallery Studios.

The Neon Tigers were back into their winning ways thanks to Brian Miles "SpiderMilez" Santos's two games with the Rafaela, who only fell once in the entire series.

It was a perfect game for Minana EVOS as they gave a 14-minute masterclass, getting nine kills while not letting Omega score a single one.

SpiderMilez assisted in all but one of Minana EVOS's kills while Jann Kirk "Kirk" Gutierrez scored three and assisted three more with the Cici.

Ron "Matt" Papag became the prime target for the Neon Tigers as his Barats suffered four deaths during the entire game, mostly through clashes for objectives.

Kirk stepped up for the second game, registering a 2/2/5 KDA with the X.Borg as Minana fends off a more determined Smart Omega side this time around.

The former RSG player went all-in in the last moments of the game, using the Last Insanity just to create space and dash through the already-low Omega base.

The Barangay went into the Land of Dawn with a flexible draft of Barats in the EXP lane and Fanny in the jungle role, but Matt still didn't get any major objective in the 15-minute match.

Minana EVOS will try to end the first half of the season against ECHO next Saturday, while Omega will still seek their first win of the season against TNC Pro Team on Friday.

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