VRITIMES Partners with CETV Philippines to Widen Press Release Distribution in the Philippines

VRITIMES, a leading media technology startup that empowers users to create, distribute, and analyze press releases, today announced a partnership with CETV Philippines, a premier online media destination for Filipinos seeking the latest news, entertainment, and exclusive content. This collaboration aims to widen press release distribution in the Philippines, ensuring valuable news reaches a broader audience.

Established in Tokyo in August 2022, VRITIMES has revolutionized press release distribution by providing a user-friendly platform that simplifies the entire process. From crafting compelling press releases to distributing them to a vast network of media partners and analyzing their performance, VRITIMES offers a comprehensive solution for businesses of all sizes.

“We are thrilled to partner with CETV Philippines,” said Ferry Bayu, CEO of VRITIMES. “Their extensive reach and reputation for delivering high-quality content make them the perfect partner to help us expand our presence in the Philippines. Through this collaboration, we can empower Filipino businesses to share their stories with a wider audience and achieve their communication goals.”

VRITIMES is a media technology startup established in Tokyo in August 2022. The company functions as both a press release creation platform and a distributor to its media partners. VRITIMES empowers users to create, distribute, and analyze the performance of their press releases, all within a single, user-friendly solution. By simplifying and streamlining press release distribution, VRITIMES aims to facilitate a more efficient flow of information, ensuring valuable news reaches media outlets and consumers effectively.

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