You can't do it alone! Key Business Principle to grow a 9 digit brand


From the moment I met Jay, he displayed an unwavering commitment to my growth and development. Through his mentorship, my problem-solving, conflict management, and strategic planning skills have flourished, enabling me to lead with confidence and effectiveness.  - Marielle R.

The entrepreneurial adventure is a tough, winding path filled with challenges and opportunities for growth. Many business leaders believe they must handle everything independently, but this mindset can hinder their progress and potential. The reality is that no one has all the answers. Seeking help, guidance, and support from others is crucial for achieving lasting success.

Jay Buenaflor's career is a powerful testament to the principle that success is a collective journey. Reflecting on his experiences, Jay emphasizes that he owes his accomplishments to the invaluable support and guidance of those around him. From family and friends to colleagues, mentors, and influencers across the globe, every interaction has shaped him into the leader he is today.

With over 26 years of experience across Asia, Europe, and the USA, Jay has been instrumental in transforming businesses and nurturing leaders. Known as the “Biz Doc,” he has built a reputation for his dynamic leadership and innovative approach to business growth. He understands that true leadership is about finding the right people, delegating effectively, and creating an environment where everyone can thrive.

One of Jay's core philosophies is the art and love of finding the right people. He genuinely cares for the well-being of those he works with, fostering a purpose-driven approach that ensures that both the individual and the organization benefit. This creates a win-win situation where everyone succeeds together.

Jay believes that building a successful team hinges on recognizing and cultivating each individual's unique talents and potential. This often involves "learning to unlearn," as Barry Diller puts it, and overcoming deeply held habits and beliefs that may stall progress.

As an entrepreneur or business leader, it's crucial to recognize that you can't do it alone. The myth of the lone genius is just that—a myth. Successful business leaders know that building a robust network and fostering collaboration are essential components of sustainable growth.

When you collaborate with others, you tap into a wealth of diverse perspectives. Learning from the experiences and mistakes of others can save you from costly errors. Also, engaging with mentors and peers allows you to gain insights that might take years to discover on your own. Jay's seminars are renowned for creating environments where such valuable exchanges thrive.

To help entrepreneurs and business leaders harness the power of collaboration, Jay is hosting a seminar, "Ellana Cosmetics Untold: 0 to 9-Figure Journey," on July 27-28, 2024 at Renaissance Tower, Ortigas Pasig. This event is designed to provide you with the tools, strategies, and network necessary to scale your business successfully.

Additionally, for those based in Davao and Cebu, Jay will be hosting seminars in August and September 2024, respectively. These seminars will offer the same invaluable insights and opportunities for growth.

Spaces for this exclusive seminar are limited. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to dive deep into the untold story of Ellana—from its humble beginnings to a nine-figure empire —and transform your own business journey. For more information and to register, visit

About Jay Buenaflor

Jay Buenaflor, widely known as the “Biz Doc,” has built a reputation for his dynamic leadership and innovative approach to business growth. For more information, follow Jay Buenaflor on Facebook and LinkedIn.

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