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Dugout Triple Threat presents Azkals' to-do list for 2015

Ivan Saldajeno thinks Patrick Reichelt benefited more in Thomas Dooley's system.
Mymy Alagaban/SCOOP-Bacolod (file photo)
What particular area(s) does the Azkals need to improve on?

Alex-Stephan Shrock was a big loss for the PH Azkals. His mastery at the midfield was ahat the team solely needed in its 2014 Suzuki Cup campaign. It was also Shrock’s brilliant mastery at that position which catapulted the Azkals to the Finals of the AFF Challenge Cup several months ago. I personally think that the midfield needs a lot of work to be done though Manny Ott has been working hard to fill in for Shrock and I laud him from that. The back four also needs to be strengthen and I believe Armani Aguinaldo and Daisuke Sato will continue to make great strides later on, we just need someone to replace Rob Gier just in case he gets injured or he retires from the squad. Maybe it’s time for Aly Borromeo, Anton del Rosario and Jason Sabio to get recalled for the squad?.

Gil Mar-First of all, communication. I observed on their recent matches that every player had mis-communication with each other. Communication is very important key in execution in offense and defense, errors would exist if communication lacks. This is a team play--communication of every players is well-needed. Second one, defense. The team is respected with its superb defense, the team should learn the lockdown defense, especially the awareness of every players in the pitch. You know, the thing why the pundits and fans impress to us is how of our defense. That's why we draw againt Thailand in Rizal last December 5, we defended well against the cougar keys like Chanatip, Adisak, Chappuis, etc. because our team focused in fact on defense. Finally, the finishing. We should learn well how to adapt it especially the strikers. You should know how to calculate the move of the keeper and proper timing to kick the ball through the goal mouth.

Ivan-I think Thomas Dooley's system best fits the Azkals right now, but to sustain the recent success of the Azkals, all it takes is consistency. It was a year of heartbreaks for the Azkals, and for sure they will be wiser this year. But they should start by addressing their flaws. The "tiki-taka" like Dooley system made the most out of Patrick Reichelt. With Stephan Schrock and Chieffy Caligdong gone, Reichelt should take over, and the team should look for him more. Also, there were times when the back four were shaky. The defense need to be more consistent to give Patrick Deyto better help.

Speaking of Schrock, do they see him coming back for the Nationals soon? Click on the next page to see their thoughts.

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