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Dugout Triple Threat presents Azkals' to-do list for 2015

Alex Estoesta finds Stephan Schrock a huge loss for the Azkals. Is a return imminent
for him? PhilNews.PH (file photo)
Now that Stephan Schrock was mentioned, do you see him, Dennis Cagara, or any other ex-Azkal returning to the team soon?

Alex-I hope so. They are still relatively young and can still give an ample shot in the arm for the PH Azkals. Especially that they are crafty players that are well-adept at their respective positions. I’d also like for Jason de Jong to return. These are veterans who can help greatly in developing the younger generation of Azkals on and off the pitch.

Gil Mar-Maybe. They will be back soon realizing that the present mentor is developing the team and not a star. I see their dedication to play in our side. They will return with their explosive contributions for our national team.

Ivan-Schrocky should come back. While Reichelt is solid recently, Schrock would benefit in Dooley's system. He just needs to reconcile with Coach Tom, embrace the system, and the Azkals will become a fiercer squad. A midfielding combo by him and Reichelt should be fun to watch, considering that they are energy players. Also, Aly Borromeo made a comeback in the professional play, so an Azkals return for the longtime skipper could come soon, but maybe more as a mentor to Amani Aguinaldo.

Do you agree with their thoughts? Comment below for your take.

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