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Dugout Triple Threat presents Alaska-SMB Game 7 Preview

By Dugout Philippines

Here at Triple Threat, we give everyone a chance to speak out his mind, even the fans. In this special preview of the PBA Philippine Cup Finals between Alaska and San Miguel, we brought in three basketball junkies who aired their takes in the series finale. Here are our panelists.

Marc Perez
Arlos Sara
Jeff Vicente

We first asked if they did not see a Game 7 coming for the Aces-Beermen considering everything that has been said during the series.

Marc-Honestly, I didn't expect it to be a game 7. Before the series started I thought it would be like a 4-2 win in smb's favor. Thinking that Alaska is too young especially with the new system. But the heart and desire of my boys proved me wrong.

Arlos-Nope. Although I might have said before that it won't due to my SMB bias, deep inside I felt that it could. I admire the Alaska franchise and how they've set up a very cohesive unit that has players with definite roles and a system that makes the most out of the players.

Jeff-I was very surprised that the series went on to have a Game 7 with the way SMB dominated the elimination and the semis round. Still, I'm very happy with how the series went.

Six games down. One more to go. What should both teams do to take the big trophy home? Our panelists' take on the next page.

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