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Dugout Triple Threat presents Alaska-SMB Game 7 Preview

Our panelists think Jvee Casio and Alex Cabagnot could be the X factors
for Game 7. August Dela Cruz/PDI (file photo)
Now, what should both teams need to do to win?

Marc-"We not me" attitude for the Aces. Rely on their strength which is team defense. Plus, someone must step up in offense. Guys like Jvee Casio and Chris Banchero, who had their offensive struggles in the previous games, must do well if they want to win.

SMB? More on not relying only with Junemar Fajardo. But utilize the bench more and execute their killer offensive rhythm. Its hard to stop SMB's offensive prowess when their on a roll. Plus surprise Alaska like giving them their own dose of medicine on applying suffocating team defense.

Arlos-For SMB, Junemar should be more aggressive and shed the "masunuring bata" demeanor. Arwind should stick to his strengths (mid range game and being active on the glass). Lutz should look to drive more while maintaining good and honest D on Baguio and DonDon. SMB's motley crew of role players should get more minutes but only to counter Alaska's energizer bunnies. While it's always good to dictate the flow of the game, Coach Leo should react better to how Coach Alex plays his cards. Most importantly, they should forget about the score and always play with urgency. 

For Alaska, maintain the correct substitution patterns as they always seem to do a great job in feeling the game first then grinding their way to the finish. Thoss needs to continue dragging Junemar out and make him a defensive liability. Give Arwind open looks from beyond the arc giving him more false confidence.

Jeff-They always say the Kraken should be unleashed. However, I really think Alex Cabagnot should play like it was Game 4 or 5, where he was scorching hot from all over the court. Fajardo will get his points and rebounds and blocks, as what he is doing in the 1st 6 games, but we all know he will be the center of attention for the aces's defense. now, it is up to the outside shooters specially cabagnot to hit those shots and be aggressive on offense. If we look at the SMB and Alaska's PG matchup, no one else comes close with Cabagnot's experience and status. His 3 point shot na kahit walang nakadikit eh mukang may foul should click for tonight's game.

Who do they think will take Game 7? Their thoughts are on the last page.

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