Mayweather had illegal IV shots before Pacquiao fight--report

Steve Marcus/Reuters (file photo)
By Ivan Saldajeno

MANILA--A revelation by SB Nation's Thomas Hauser could possibly overturn the result of the Manny Pacquiao-Floyd Mayweather fight won by the latter.

In the said report, collection agents of USADA, who was in charge of the drug testing for the said match, found a huge amount of IV shots consisting of saline and Vitamins A and C at Mayweather's house in Las Vegas while conducting a random drug test.

WADA, the global anti-doping body, prohibits everyone from taking more than 50 milliliters of intravenous (IV) shots of the said formulations in a six-hour period.

Mayweather's staff said to the USADA agents that the shots were used to address the undefeated pug's dehydration problems that time.

The report also said that Mayweather was granted a retroactive therapeutic use exemption 18 days after the fight.

Hauser also bared that one of Pacquiao's former rivals, Erik Morales, was tested positive of a prohibited drug multiple times but still got a clearance to battle in a 2012 fight.

Should further evidences about Mayweather's illegal IV shots surface, the said expose by Hauser could be a ground for the earlier's megabucks showdown with Pacquiao to be declared a "no contest", taking the result off their respective records.

Pacquiao, who lost his WBO welterweight title to Mayweather in the said bout, could get his belt back as what happened to John Ruiz in 2005 when his opponent, James Toney, was tested positive of a prohibited drug and gave his title back to the Ruiz.