Video: R-Truth plays Harvey, Nikki Bella plays Wurtzbach in WWE's Miss Universe spoof

KC Cruz/UFL (file photo)
By Dugout Philippines

EVEN the WWE took notice of the awkward and now controversial finale to Miss Universe on Monday (Philippine Time).

During its annual Slammy Awards presented on its live Raw show at the Target Center on Tuesday (Philippine Time), the pro wrestling outfit did its own parody of the said incident, where Steve Harvey wrongly announced Ariadna Gutierrez as Miss Universe when it was actually Pia Wurtzbach who won.

This time, R-Truth took the role of Harvey as he named the Diva of the Year. R-Truth, Ron Killings, in real life, first called Paige as the winner.

But just as Paige, Saraya-Jade Bevis in real life, was about to continue her speech, R-Truth interrupted and corrected his announcement and rightfully named Nikki Bella the winner.

Paige tried to chase R-Truth for the mix-up, but Bella, probably out of script, asked Paige to stay and help her in thanking the WWE Nation for the continuous support.

Thanks to Bella and Paige, the women's division of WWE, more popularly known as the Divas Division, gained a renaissance, leading to the so-called "Divas Revolution" this year.

Watch how the Diva of the Year awarding unfold here.
It was not the only Miss Universe coronation spoof that happened during a sporting event on Tuesday. Clutch and Mini Clutch, the Houston Rockets' mascots, also played a Miss Universe coronation parody during a break in the action of an NBA game.

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