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Gavina reveals what happened in Kia's marathon post-game huddle after loss to Ginebra

By Ivan Saldajeno

QUEZON CITY--Kia's game against Ginebra had long been done.

But the team stayed for a long time in the Smart Aranet Coliseum dugout before everyone made his way to the exits.

Asked by sportswriters on why the post-game huddle lasted for a little over two hours, Coach Chris Gavina answered, "There's a lot of issues that need to be brought up, especially the lack of desire to win. I and Coach Joe [Lipa] have been stressing that."

The Picanto never led against the Barangay on Wednesday night and trailed by as much as 34 before the Barangay settled for a 120-99 win.

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"If you're going to the game having a loser's mentality, then why do we even practice? Why do I watch so much game tapes in getting ready for the next game? Why waste the effort? It needed to be addressed," Gavina further rued.

He then bared some more things that he told his players after the game, saying, "I spoke more about what I was expecting from them and they were expecting from themselves. That's my role as a coach. I have to be able to uncap their feeling and make them believe that they can play at a higher level."

Gavina further quipped, "I tell these guys, 'We've already gone through the hardship these past two conferences, and we've also experienced success.' The bottom line is that to be a great level of belief in the system I've laid down--the culture I'm developing and a commitment for them to sacrifice for the sake of this team. It's bigger than themselves."

Gavina also had some advice to import Markeith Cummings after the game, baring, "I also got on him as well. I told him going into this game, 'You go. We go.'"

Turned out, Cummings' 14-point showing somehow affected Kia's upset bid against Ginebra.

"It's two straight games where he played at an extreme eagerness to try to do too much, and I think he's getting in the way of his own," Gavina commented on Cummings' quiet outing. "He has to adapt. He's the main focus of our offense."

Gavina ended his long post-game talk with a challenge: "I told them, 'I am not a quitter. It's not in my nature.' They're gonna man up and catch up where I want them to go or I'll bring the guys who are willing to pay that sacrifice and give me that extra mile and come with me to where I know we could go."

While the last statement may hint that he may consider orchestrating a trade or even replace Cummings, Gavina clarified, "I'm really focused on solution-based mindset. If it comes through that, I think that's something I can definitely discuss with the management. But right now, my focus is on trying to get 15 guys to really just believe in themselves on what I'm trying to preach."

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