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Naga finally snaps three-game skid in '18 PGS Spring, sweeps IPT to remain in playoff contention

The 2018 PGS Spring Split roster of the former relegation squad Naga eSports. Pro Gaming Series

By Ozzy Alaba

MANILA -- After three weeks of suffering from consecutive losses, Naga eSports finally came back to its inner senses – in the most impressive and convincing fashion.

Naga eSports finally rebounded their three-game losing streak as they pulled off a shocking sweep over top-tier squad Imperium Pro Team, 2-0 to remain in playoff contention in Day 1 of the fifth week of the 2018 Bacchus PGS Spring Split on Friday.

Being defeated by Acclaim EmpireX (2-0) in Week 2, Infuzed eSports (2-1) in Week 3, and TNC Pro Team (2-0) in Week 4, Naga (NE), a former relegation team, fully showcased the arsenal of their veteran-aided roster as jungler Kurt Cristobal and mid laner Karl Vincent Danzo amassed a combined 13/4/23 kill-death-assist record in Game 2 to rise from seventh place to the fifth seed, tying Barcy x Rage eSports (5-5, 2-3 on set).

Cristobal and Danzo, more known as Rebengga and KarlCulated, respectively also got enough poke power from their resident AD Carry Marc Bon Kier Aquino as he carried NE to victory in Game 1, garnering a team-high 4.5 KDA Ratio (7/2/2 KDA), and highlighting his unofficial Quadra Kill cleanup in the game-ending clash at the 35th minute.

Aquino (Luxuria), playing as Ezreal dealt the game-ending blow to IPT in Game 1 as he slained its jungler Cedrik Santos (Ivalice), playing as Jax to seal the victory.

Chaos was what the two teams exemplified in the first minutes of the curtain-raiser.

Both squads were exchanging kills in the first four minutes, starting from a 2-for-1 kill exchange in the bottom lane, which was then followed by a 1-for-1 kill exchange all across the map.

Even though they continue in trading kills, the gold was dead even, not until the 15th minute as IPT ballooned their edge to 6,000 gold through taking objectives and tower destructions.

But it didn’t last long as NE managed to trim the lead down the stretch, securing numerous Elemental Dragons and a Baron Nashor steal by Cristobal and picking key targets like IPT’s AD Carry Josef Cabero and mid laner Roybie Segovia in clashes, which resulted to IPT calling GG in 36 minutes.

GAME-CHANGER. Cristobal (Rebengga), playing as Rengar made the biggest move in Naga's Game 1 comeback win as he stole the Baron Nashor in the hands of his former team, Imperium Pro Team.

Riding the momentum, NE dismantled IPT’s lanes early in Game 2, highlighting Danzo’s First Blood on Santos on his jungle and a 2-for-2 kill trade in the top lane.

But IPT quickly rose from the demise as they managed to attempt a come back through winning numerous clashes.

Signaling an attempt of a come-from-behind win, NE then surged the enemies’ base through a 3 for 2 trade in a top lane inhibitor clash to call the series quits in 41 minutes.

Meanwhile, IPT’s veteran support Rogie Dela Cruz led his team, bagging a combined 20 KDA Ratio (0/1/20 KDA) in both games.

Naga, now 5-6 and 2-3 in set standings continues its quest for playoff berth on Friday against Mineski (8-3, 4-0 in set) while IPT will try to bounce back on Saturday against current leaders TNC Pro Team (8-1, 4-0 in set).

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