Vidakovic lashes out in PFL head coaching return: "Nobody cares about the players"

Risto Vidakovic did not like what he saw.
Mike Romero (file photo)
By Ivan Saldajeno

BIÑAN--In his first PFL game back at the helm for Ceres Negros, Risto Vidakovic did not see an anxious moment coming.

Late into the showdown between Negros and Marikina at the Biñan Football Stadium on Saturday night that ended in a 1-1 draw, Manny Ott was stretchered off the field to the shock of the spectators, who were watching the live action at the other side of the pitch.

As it turned out, the Azkals mainstay was hit in the head following an aerial battle for the ball.

And Vidakovic, who thought his main gunner was elbowed hardly, was not having it.

"It's very difficult to me to talk about football because one of the best players in the Philippines is in the hospital right now," Vidakovic said in the post-match press conference at the Alonte Sports Arena.

Vidakovic then hit out at the match officials, saying, "We are talking about the importance of the players--how important it is to protect them--and I think there is no sense anymore. Nobody cares about the players."

He then believes that what he is seeing right now is still the same from what he saw last season.

"There is no change," the Serbian lamented. "There is no restroom in the stadium, yet you are still playing. The field is dangerous. And we played three games, but we have already two players injured. I don't wanna talk anymore."

Following the said statement, Vidakovic quickly went for the exits.

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